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Maha can Turn Over Now!

I was so worried, because everyone started asking has maha turned over. Maha was on her 4th month, didn't show any symptoms to turn over. Then she came to her 5th month, still no symptoms..As a Momm i was so excited and waited to see that..You know i was very eager and waiting for that moment..

At her 51/2 month she started doing this..SO THRILLING..

And in a few days she did this...Can you feel my heart..How it felt like..

Now she turns over as soon as i put her down and started kneeling down..Somedays she moves like a small puppy just jumping as she is knealing down. She doesn't move knealing down..But in a few days she will do it i think..

So we arranged a small photo shoot yesterday. And i took some pics of her..Will share them in my next post..