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I Believe in Love at First Sight..

August 21, 2013, Morning.... huh may be 7.30, I found my water has broked. I was thinking like NO way it can't happen now, because as per scan reports the date was August 28th. But my baby was so impatient and wanted to see the world right now..So i informed my mom and hubby about this. Hubby was shocked and mom was like hurrying and rushing and tensed as if she was going into labour. At this time, i didn't feel any pain at all. So we all packed our bags(which we did weeks back) and hurried to the hospital.

GEORGE MISSION, in Nagercoil. Such a lovely hospital. Well Equiped Ward, Experienced Doctor and Caring Nurses. We checked in the reception and they immediately took me to the labour ward.

Inside the ward, they were giving me trips, injections, tablets. But i didn't receive any pain. As time pass by, around 10.30 am. I started getting little pain, then it started increasing. Then suddenly it stopped. When they tried increasing the dose they found the heartbeat of the baby increasing. So they stopped giving that.

At 4.00 PM, the doctor decided that there is no way i can have a normal delivery. So they consulted with my hubby and amma and decided to go with a C-section. They fixed the time as 6.00 PM. They prepared me for C-Section. I was totally scared at first because everyone was talking about the injection which the put on our back bone. I was totally nervous at that time.

When they took me to the operation theatre OMG i was completely stunned and my heartbeat started raising to a high seeing that. It was totally scary. They made me lie down in the bed and a doctor, i dont even know his name. He is the anesthesiologist, he is so caring. He asked me to turn over to put injection. I was like god please make it easy. To my surprise, believe it or not, i didn't even felt the pain. FIRST RELIEF for me..In a few seconds my complete body, below the hip started going numb. He told me that this is going to be easy, dont get tensed. If you feel something in you please tell me. And he was holding my hand always. I felt a little comfortable. Then came the doctor and nurses. Then they put a screen between us and started working to bring my baby to this world. The doctor told me to close my eyes, but i cannot do it. I was expecting each minute, i was waiting for the time, i dont want to miss to hear my babies first cry. Suddenly things started to rush up. Everyone was in a hurry, i realised the time has arrived. AND ONE PUSH there i hear my lil ones CRY..I literally cried, i couldn't resist and control my feeling. It was 6.22 PM

They didn't show my baby immediately. I was impatient, i started asking them. He told me that please wait for a minute, the nurse is cleaning the baby, she will show you the baby now.

And that moment, the nurse came to me, holding my baby wrapping her in a orange turkey towel, told me that YOU GOT A GIRL..AND SHOWED ME HER FACE..OMG IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT..IT WAS LIKE THE TIME STOOD STILL..

Then they took the baby out to show it to my hubby and parents and put me in the stretcher and carried to a separate room. I was totally restless. I wanted to see my husband immediately. So i told the nurse about this. And there came my hubby, a happy smile in his face. I asked him did you see her, he told YES, AND SHE IS BEAUTIFUL..

Then in a few hours i started getting the pain of the stiches. Nurse came and gave me a pain killer and a sleeping dose. I tried to get some rest, but i couldn't. I was waiting for the time when i could see my baby. They brought maha to me couple of times to feed her. But i couldn't see her face clearly because the light were turned off and i was in total pain. Finally i slept.

The next morning. OMG The pain was horrible, i was thinking, OH GOD i think i cannot stand up anymore. I cannot turn even a inch, But the nurse came to me and asked me to get up. I was like, NO WAY I CANNOT. She told me YES U CAN, PLEASE TRY. After lots of shouting and screaming, finally i stood up. The nurse gave me a hot bath and asked me to change my clothes all by myself. I walked slowly to make my legs get into normal. It was so painful. The pain was like death. But I was so happy that finally i get to see my baby and hubby. And at August 22, 10.00 AM they took me to the room. I literally cried seeing everyone.

I looked at maha, she was like a pink rose, like our bundle of joy. All the pain just flied in a second see her. I kissed her and made a promise to her, MAHA, THERE IS MAMA NOW. TO LOOK AFTER YOU..