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Pappu & Papa Love

I am totally amazed about maha's attachement to her papa..You know, sometimes i get really jealous, Because when she is crying or not feeling comfortable, i will try to pat her, she wont listen to me and keep on crying. But when she is in her papa's hand she gets calm immediately and in few minutes, believe it or now she will sleep. Everyone says that babies feels cozy when they are in mama's hand, but maha feels more cozy when she is with her papa..

Mostly mens dont get the excitement of becoming a daddy untill the baby is here. Satheesh was also like that..But as soon as maha arrived i couldn't write how much he got responsible and how much he changed himself. It is magical..He has totally turned into the perfect papa..

They both are like the perfect daddy and daughter..

Starting from day 1, hubby used to talk to maha, asking her to say appa. He will be like "MAHA SAY APPA, MAHA SAY APPA". I used to tease him like " SEE BABIES WONT SAY APPA FIRST, THEY WILL ONLY SAY AMMA"..BUT....One fine day MAHA TOLD APPA..CAN YOU BELIEVE IT..CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MY HEART BROKED..I WAS TOTALLLY SHOCKED..Hubby gave no reaction, he just told me "SEE NORMAL BABIES WILL SAY AMMA FIRST, BUT MAHA IS MY BABY" :(

They both are just Beautiful