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How to Take Care of Baby in Summer / Summer Skin Care for Baby

OMG Its so hot here..Even adults couldn't manage the heat, then how can a baby tolerate the heat..Heat is such a bad enemy for us and our babies. It causes so many problems like sun burn, heat rash, dehydration, fever, diarrhoea, skin allergies and  insect bites..So i am sharing some easy tips which i follow to keep maha cool and comfortable..

1)  Bathing twice really helps:

         I bath maha twice daily. In the morning i apply coconut oil on her hair and massage her whole body with baby massage oil and allow the oil to steep for 15 mins or so. Then bath her with soap, shampoo. In the evening, i just wash her body alone in warm water, i dont normally use soap this time, it is a quick body wash for babies. This evening bath takes the heat which is developed in her body for the whole day. I also massage her body with baby lotion after bath, this will keep her skin soft and moisturized.

2) Water magic :

         I keep feeding maha with lots of clean water. This will surely make her cool from inside. If you dont feed enough water for your baby, it will surely cause so many problems. So make it a must..

3) Keep Surrounding Cool:

         Our Bedroom is not that cool enough because it is not properly ventilated. So i make sure that it is cool enough to make my baby comfortable. I keep all the windows open during day time to make the room filled with fresh air. I invested on a table fan to keep the air circulation active. I Make sure that the room is clean always to get rid of all the mosquitos and insects.

4) All about clothes:

           During summer, i just packed up those sweaters, full hand clothes, thick clothes for maha. I only dress her in cotton clothes and thin clothes which we call as "kattu udupu". And i also avoid using diapers a lot on maha , i put on cloth nappies on her during day and i use diaper in the night..

5) Air Conditioner:

           During night our room gets so hot and we will be literally sweating. I was bit worried about turning on the AC because i am not sure whether it will cause cold or something with maha. But my pediatrician told me that it is not a problem, but when your baby sweats a lot then it is a problem. So we decided turning on the AC and it didn't cause any issues with her. Infact she is sleeping peacefully nowadays. 

            But i make sure that the temparature is around 25 degrees. I have read that we shouldn't take the baby out straight from a cold room to a warm temp, this may cause problems, So i switch off the AC in the early morning and let the room comes to normal temp gradually, this way maha's body also comes to room temp normally.

More Things I do:

1) I never take her out during the peek hot hours 12.00 PM to 5.00 PM.
2) I feed her more fruit and vegetable juices and soups..
3)I sterilize her bottles well during this time.

What all you do to make your baby cool during summer.. I would love to hear..