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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Early Pregnancy Symptoms - All About Pregnancy

First this blog started as a place where i share my little angel maha's pictures and naughty things which she do. Now it is has got into a complete baby blog where i share all about baby, baby care, baby, toddler & kids recipes..Today when i was thinking what to write in this post, i decided to start a entire section dedicated to pregnancy.

I still remember all the stuffs which i went through my pregnancy. So let me start a new section for pregnancy. First topic i am gonna write about is symptoms..

I am sharing my own experience as well my reference from googling. All the images are from google search, just to make this post interesting..

1)Swollen or Sore Breast

This is the first thing you might notice, this is one of the early symptoms. You may feel some pricking sensation as well a heaviness in the breast, specially around the nipple area. You may find your usual bra little uncomfortable, it can be noticed after 4 weeks of conception. Dont worry this is normal and may subside in few months.

Areola Colour darkens a little. This the brown area surrounding your nipples. This is one of the early symptoms. I have read somewhere that this happens because newborns have limited vision and this darkening helps them in locating the nipples.

2)Shortness of Breath

You may feel so tired and even a few foot steps will leave you short of breath. This is because thegrowing fetus need oxygen. This may continue throughout your pregnancy.

3)Fatigue & Tiredness

Feeling sleepy and so tired is one of the early symptoms..It is because of the hormones change in your body. Not to worry, it may vanish after the first trimester.

4)Nausea & Vomiting

This is one of the symptoms which i got. Everyday when i lie on bed and try to get up from bed, i feel that the whole room is spinning. And for me brushing my teeth was the hardest part, i can't even take the brush near my mouth.

It is called as morning sickness. You will be oversensitive to smells and even the smell of tadka can make your vomit. I didn't even enter my kitchen until i was in my second trimester. For me this stopped after my first trimester, but for many people it will continue throughout their pregnancy.

5)Frequent Urination:

You will be visiting the bathroom atleast 15 to 20 times a day, even though you only pee few drops each time.

6)Headaches, Backaches & Cramping:

Due to hormones change you may get headaches often, Back pains will start early and will stay until and after delivery. This is because the ligaments are loosening..Get a snoogle pillow which may comfort you a lot.

7)Food Cravings:

You will be craving for different foods (i started craving for yogurt rice & mango pickle which was the only food i ate until my second trimester). And your most favourite food will turn you off.

8)Constipation & Bloating:

You will always feel full and heaviness in stomach. And going to bathroom will be your worst nightmare. Try to eat bananas and drink lots of water, which might helps.

9)Mood Swings:

Feeling so moody all the time, yelling at your loved one for smallest things. Not to worry, it is all because of hormones change..You will get back to normal soon.

10)Feeling feverish:

Suddenly you feel heat getting all over you and feeling feverish more often, can be a symptoms.

11)Light Spotting:

Not everyone gets this, you may feel little bleeding which will be much more lighter than normal This is because you may actually be experiencing implantation bleeding, where the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall and causes a little bloodshed.

11)Missed Period:

If your cycle is regular and you didn't get your period even after a week, then its time to have a pregnancy test.

Before saying bye, if you think you are having these symptoms, then CONGRATS! go have a pregnancy test right now!


Sajna said...

Hi Aarthi,I have no words to describe the feeling of gratitude after going through this post of yours.I frequently visit your blog for recipes and you are doing a brilliant job.I live abroad, and there is no proper guidance on do's and don't s to be followed in our Indian style.I take this opportunity to humbly request you to post as much info about pregnancy, nutrition and stuffs.Thank you in advance.May God bless you!

Sajna Siddhik said...

Hi Aarthi,I have no words to describe the feeling of gratitude after reading this post of yours.I am a frequent visitor to your site hunting for recipes and you are doing a brilliant job.I live abroad and there is no proper guidance on do's & donts to be followed in our Indian style.I humbly request you to post as much info as possible regarding pregnancy, nutrition and stuffs.Thank you in advance. May God bless you!

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