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What to Pack in your Handbag - Travelling with a Toddler

Last week we went on a trip to goa. You know that travelling with a toddler can be a pain when you don't pack certain stuffs. So i thought of sharing a post and show what all i packed in my handbag. 

These are the stuffs which i normally pack, along with these i have some snacks like biscuits or any cut up fruits as well.

1)Your Wallets, Cash, Credit or Debit Cards & Identity Proof:

I love my wallet, i bought this a year back and loving it so much

2) Hair Bands & Clips:

3) Ear Phones:

4)Mobile Phone (ofcourse)

5)Diapers. I pack them in a ziploc cover or any separate bag

6)Normal disposable plastic bags

7) A Notebook & a Pen

8)An Umbrella ( Mini ones)

9)Wet Wipes (mine & hers)

 10) Lip Balms

11) Regular Small Towels

12)Her Favourite Story Books:

13) Chocolates or Candies

14)Moisturizing Lotion or Cream

15) A small bottle of perfume (optional)

16)Water Bottles