Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Solid Food Schedule for 9 Month Baby / Baby Feeding Schedule for Solids Foods / Feeding Schedule for 9 Month Baby

This is my favorite picture of maha on her naming ceremony
YAY, YAY, YAY..Maha got her second teeth too...Now i can start giving her finger foods..She needs that only, she want to grab everything in her hands and feed her all by herself. Love to see that tiny hands grabbing foods and taking it into the tiny mouth and chewing.

This month i introduced a lots of new foods to maha. I was quite happy that she can chew her food properly before swallowing it. I gave different finger foods for her. She happily accepted it. But never over do it, there is time. Now lets see the food schedule..

9:00 to 9:30 AM : Due to her over play time the previous night, she wakes up late these days. As usual i start her day with formula milk or breast milk. But i reduce the amount of it, because soon i will feed her a little more amount of idly that previous month. As a note, idly or dosa are her main part in breakfast. As usual i mix idli with some hot water and feed her. 

Her sleeping time has reduced a lot these days..I never can assume the time she sleeps so i skipping that here..

I feed her some finger foods these days. I give a small stick of apple, or par cooked carrots sticks, a small stick or cucumber. I make everything into sticks because she can grab that in her hands and suck it. ( I will surely do a separate post on finger foods )

I feed her some juices too, this time the veggies and fruits are juiced raw, since her digestive system has developed a little more..

12:00 to 12:30 PM : Her lunch is during this time. I feed her rice as usual. I make sure i drizzle some ghee over it. Check out my khichdi recipe. I make sure i feed lots of water inbetween. After lunch i am sure she will sleep atleast a little..

3.00 to 3:30 PM : I make sure i hard boil a egg and feed her a eggyolk. I just mash it up and feed her in small mouthful along with water. This is her early snack. Eggs are quite a filling and nutrition rich meal.

5.00 to 5.30 PM : As a evening tea for us, i feed her a healthy portion of sago kanji or vegetable soup or ragi porridge or formula milk or sooji kheer. ( I will post the recipe for sago kanji and veg soup soon)

7.00 to 7.30 : I always go for Idly or steamed dosa which is mixed with some hot water.

If she keep on crying or feels hungry at night. I feed her with formula milk. Inbetween these schedule in keep on feeding her mother feeding. I dont give much of formula milk, mother feeding is what i prefer. And after 8.00 PM i dont feed any solid foods, i feed her mother feeding only. I feed her lots of water.


Anonymous said...

I gave egg yolk to my baby from 8 months(india).. After coming here i gave egg yolk but she vomits it all times.. Is there anything nutritious that replace egg yolk..

Yummy Tummy said... can give dals instead of egg yolk, just mix with rice and give or you can make soup and give

Anonymous said...

Hello arathy. Hw abt 10 month baby food schedule ? Could u plz tell...

Anonymous said...

Can I give oats porridge to my baby as dinner at 7.30-8p.m?...I read all ur baby recipes...urs is the site which I follow

Yummy Tummy said...

@Anonymous Oats is best when feed morning. So avoid it at night since it takes long time to digest

Yummy Tummy said...

Here is 10 month schedule

Anonymous said...

Can I give idly to 12 month baby at night around 8-8.30?

Yummy Tummy said...

yes u can give

sowsub said...

What all can I give for my 8months old baby for dinner?

Sarada Ram said...

Hi,my 8 month old baby is not at all interested in eating solid foods. He didn't get teeth yet. When he is hungry he will have formula milk. He is not eating any solid food since 6th month. Is this normal? What I have to do?

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great shedule. I will add the egg to my little girls shedule, this is a really good idea! :) I switch between mommy milk and formula. In the morning she gets breastmilk and in the evening she gets a good night forumla by Hipp what I found on My little one is as axcited about solid food as yours. Cant wait to see what she discovers next. :)

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