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Ayurvedic Herbal Bath Powder for Toddlers & Adults - Herbal Face Pack

This is one powder which i make for me, since maha has grown up, i have started using this for her too..But she is not allowing me to apply this on face, so i am just using this as a body wash powder for her....This has so many herbs which is actually good for your skin, using this continuously will improve your baby skin complextion and makes it extra soft and smooth. I added thetti poo in this, you can leave it if you dont have that..To know more about that, check this link..

These are qualities of the herbs used in this

Green gram- Removes Facial Hair, Makes Skin Soft, Removes Acne, Pimple Cure, Removes Sun tan

Chana Dal - Improves Complexion, Makes Skin soft, Removes Acne, Removes Facial Hair

Rose Petals - Aromatic, Makes skin soft

Neem Leaves- Skin Toner, Removing Acne, Dry Skin

Orange Peel- Oily Skin, Removing Acne, Black heads and White heads, Face Freshness, Anti aging,

Thetti Poo- Makes Skin soft

Turmeric - Wrinkles, Anti Aging, Improves complexion, Removes Hair, Antiseptic, Acne Cure, Removes Marks

Badam- Moisturize Skin

This powder is for grown up toddlers above 2 years.

If you want baby powder, then just use green gram, thetti poo and rose petals for babies under 2 years..

Hope you will try this out..

Things you will need:

Rose Petals - 2 cups
Green Gram / Pacha Payaru - 2 cups
Chana Dal / Kadalai Paruppu - 3/4 cup
Kasuturi Manjal / Turmeric - 5 pieces
Neem Leaves - 1 cup
Orange Peel from 2 oranges
Almonds / Badam - 10
Thetti Poo - 1 cup


Take all the stuffs in a plate, dry inside house for 3 days. Then dry it under sun for one day.

Take it in a blender and powder finely.

Sieve it if needed.

Store in a air tight container..

When using take a spoonful, mix with water and apply on face and body..Adults can leave it on their face for 30 mins till it is completely dry, then scrub it and wash well..

This is how you have to make it..
These are the herbs and thing which i use to make powder..You need Thetti Poo also

I use rose petals, which gives nice aroma and also makes skin soft

green gram / pacha payaru..Makes you skin soft and helps in reducing pimples

Chana Dal..Increases complextion and makes skin soft

Neem leaves..Which is a good antiseptic and reduces pimples and marks

Orange peel..remove dark spots, marks, increase complextion and makes skin soft

This is kasturi manjal or turmeric..increase complextion, removes facial hair and reduces pimples

some almonds / badam..natural moisturizer

This is thetti poovu .It makes skin soft and increase complextion..

Dry all these together inside house for 3 days

place it under sun for 1 day

now you have to powder it smoothly

Sieve if you want too

cool it a bit

Store in a air tight container..When using take a spoonful, mix with water and apply on face and body..Adults can leave it on their face for 30 mins till it is completely dry, then scrub it and wash well..

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Maha 2nd Birthday Pictures - How to Plan a At- Home Birthday Party

I still can't believe that maha is 2 already. Its been fantastic being her mom and being with her the whole time. I love to see her growing up, but sometimes it feels really hard to see her growing up..I know every mom has that feeling. For her first birthday i made a 6 layer rainbow cake. I was thinking what to make for her second birthday, finally i decided to make her favourite doll cake which is barbie. I just love the way how she says barbie which her toddler speech!

We decided to take it as a small party at home by inviting just some close relatives and friends. As usual i decided to cook the meals. This time i decided to make finger foods instead of meals. So i planned the menu few days in advance and prepared for it couple days back. This is what i made, first the guest were welcomed with a drink mint ginger soda. Then i made nutella and peanut butter finger sandwich, spicy veg mayo sandwich, chilli paneer skewers, fruit kebabs, spring rollspotato and peas samosagarlic cheese bombs..I served it with three sauces, a sweet chilli sauce, tomato garlic sauce and mayo. For desert i served icecream with strawberry sauce. I also made monster cookies to give as a take home gift for the guest.


Cake : Barbie Birthday Cake
1)Mint Ginger & Lemon Soda
2)Spicy Veg Mayo Sandwich
3)Nutella & Peanut Butter Finger Sandwich
4)Chinese Spring Rolls
5)Potato and Peas Samosa
6)Fruit Kebabs
7)Garlic Cheese Bombs
8)Chilli Paneer Skewers
9)Sweet Chilli Sauce, Tomato Sauce & Mayo
10)Monster Cookies

Here is how i planned the party.

Three Days in Advance:
1)I put a list of all the things, you dont have to miss anything. Just work on the ingredients and do the shopping list. If you miss anything then you have to run to the store, not only it is a waste of time but it makes you tired.

2)I baked the cookies and stored them in my fridge in a air tight container. Recipe for monster cookies.

3) I made all the three sauces and stored them in fridge in a air tight container.

Two Days in Advance:
1)I made the cake two days in advance. Since the cake is going to sit in fridge for 2 days, i moistened the cake with sugar syrup to keep it moist. And this trick didn't fail me, it worked like a charm and the cake was a total hit. For barbie cake recipe, check this link.

2)I made spring rolls sheets on the day when i made the cake. I store it in a air tight container in fridge. Check this link for recipe for spring roll sheets.

One day in Advance:
1)The day before the party was a busy day for me, i made most of the stuffs ready. I made the filling for both spring rolls and samosa and wrapped them and put it in a container and stored it fridge so i can fry them the next day.

2)Then i also made the filling the spicy mayo sandwich and stored it in a container. Will share the recipe soon in yummy tummy

3)I made the syrup for my ginger and mint soda and stored it in fridge.

4)I prepared the dough for garlic cheese bombs. I gave it a first rise, then i stored it in fridge in a big air tight container. Recipe here.

5)I prepared the sauce for my chilli paneer skewers and stored it in fridge. Recipe here.

On the party day:
1)First i made the fruit kebab. I chopped the fruits and skewered them and then stored them in fridge.

2)Just few hours before the party, i made the garlic bombs and put them in oven, so they can bake and stay warm.

3)I made the peanut butter, nutella sandwich and spicy veg mayo sandwich.

4)Just couple of hours before the party, i fried the paneer and tossed in the heated up sauce and skewered them.

5)I also fried up the samosa and spring rolls.

6)I dished up the sauces.

7)Poured soda and icecubes in a jug and poured the mint ginger syrup and stored it in fridge so i can serve when the guest comes.

Now the dishes are done..When i was getting the food ready, hubby decorated the house. Maha enjoyed decorating with her papa, she loved the balloons. She loved her dress, shoes, cake and her gifts..

Here are few pictures of the birthday party..

Thursday, 27 August 2015

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Peanut Butter and Nutella Finger Sandwich Recipe - Finger Foods for Toddler

Papaya Puree for Babies / Papaya for Babies - Puree for Babies

This is a tasty puree for your toddler. 

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Dal Soup for Babies - Soup for Babies

This dal soup is a health packed soup. It is protein rich and very very nutritious 

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Dal Clear Soup for Babies - Soup for Babies

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Cream of Vegetable Soup for Babies - Soup for Babies

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