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How to Make Baby Footprint & Handprint Keepsakes - Salt Dough Footprint Keepsakes

I have never thought of creating anything like this even in my dreams. Thank god one of my reader send me a mail and asked me about this. That is the time i researched in google and found this cool way for taking prints of babies foot and hands for keepsakes. I was so excited and immediately got into action. 

The one struggle which i went through is maha is so naughty she didn't cooperate with me properly, so i have to keep on redoing it again and again.I am sure your baby wont be that naughty, if they are just do what i did. I took this top print when she is sleeping. Peace and Perfect..

I was so excited and so happy to keep these with me till my life. The one thing which i felt so badly is, why i didn't came across this before. Because i missed those tiny hands and foot so badly..But no worries, atleast i get a chance to take them now..

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Baking Time : 6 to 8 hours


All Purpose Flour / Maida - 1 cup
Fine Salt - 1 cup
Warm Water - 1/2 cup

(If you dont have measuring cups, dont panic. Just use the same cup to measure all the ingredients)


Preheat oven to 100 Degree C.

Take salt and flour in a bowl. Mix well. Add warm water slowly and knead it to a firm and soft dough. Knead this dough for 5 more mins.

Now divide the dough into balls.

Place a ball into a bowl and flatten it, you can roll this into the shape u like using a rolling pin as well.

Now make your babys foot or hand impression.

Place this in a foil lined baking sheet andput it in the center rack of the oven. Let it slow cook and dry out for 8 to 10 hours.

Remove from oven and let it cool overnight.

Now paint it using acrylic colour and let ur imagination do the thing.

You can stick this in a cardboard sheet using double side stickers and frame it.

Other variations:

1)Before baking, you can make holes on the top of the dough so you can hang it after it is baked.
2)You can make small pendantor whatever u like using this dough. 
3)You can use a marker to write the date, year, baby's name, weight on the back side of the prints using a permanent marker..

Things to remember:

1)Dont increase the temparature of oven. If you do, then the dough will cook and get brown. They wont dry up.

2)Knead the dough really well so it is smooth.

3)Use the same cup to measure all the ingredients.

4)Dont mess with the measurement, it has to be perfect. Because it will affect the texture of the prints.

you need all purpose flour,salt and warm water

Take flour in a bowl

Add in salt

mix well

Add in warm water

add slowly and knead it to a dough

now it has come together

You have to knead this dough for 5 mins or so

I kept on kneading dough and watching maha..
now finally the dough is kneaded well

divide it into two balls

You can simply roll the dough and make any shape, but this is a method i found on the internet

place a ball of dough on a bowl

press it out

now it is evenly spread out

flip over so you get a smooth top side

now this look kind of good for me

now i took maha on my hands and pressed her foot over the dough

i got the foot prints perfectly

i struggled a bit to take the handprint..since she didn't cooperate with me that good

after so many trials, i finally managed to get the handprint

i lined the baking sheet with parchment, u can line it with foil..You have to preheat oven to 100 degree C. NOT MORE THAN THAT

place the dough over the sheets

put it in the oven for several hours..Mine took around 8 to 10 hours

this is how it looks once it comes from the oven, rock hard 

cool this down and use acrylic paints to give a shiny coat over this..I used fevicryl acrylic colours
You can frame this as well..


Anonymous said...

Wow gud one...but I don't have a oven, I have only microwave basic oven is there any other possibility

anu said...

I don't see any temperature for oven. Can you pls lat us know what temperature oven should be heated. It's an awesome idea. Thank you for sharing.

Rajee said...

Hi there way to make this in normal stove?

Unknown said...

Omg it's really amazing bt I'm not having oven what to do?any other option pls reply me

Unknown said...

i think u can air dry this, just place it under fan for several days..It would work i hope.. Not sure though

I have mentioned it in the written part, it is 100 degree C.

durga kalyan said...


u r amazing :). post this in yummytummy also. thanks for sharing.


durga kalyan said...

can u tell for how many hours we should keep this in oven.

Anonymous said...

Put in the oven several hours means wat....

I m new for oven as m unaware
I hv baking tin cn i kp in it directly widout the paper u r sayin as i dnt hv paper
So oven preheated for 100degree C
But for hw mch time we shud bake in oven

Thn shud i remove n kp under fan for six hours to dry then paint decorate....
Plz tell hw pple who dnt hv oven can prepare
I hv purchsd panasonic oven plx u help me out exctly whr i hv to place it

Unknown said...

I have wriiten that in recipe.

Anonymous said...

Can i make in a cake tin
At base i cn put dat parachmnt sheet
Is it ok
As i dnt knw bakin
It wl b my first try in my convection oven just purchsd
Cn u share fondant cakes for new comer like me my daughtrs first birth in april n i wana mke cake myself plz help me out

Anonymous said...

Hi aarti...i tired it...hut it started puffing up...can u pls tell me whr did i go wrong.i preheated the oven to 200 dec

Unknown said...

@anonymous..u have baked it at high temp. it should be very low.

Unknown said...

yes u can put parchment sheet.

Anonymous said...

Hi aarthi...can u pls tell me which brand colour u have used

Unknown said...

@Anonymous I used fevicryl acrlic colour

Unknown said...

Wow... maha... such A good mom u got... so don't miss her... and thanks for sharing dear...

Anonymous said...

Hello Aarthi, how did you change the circular shape of your baked dough, since it is supposed to be rock hard?

Anonymous said...

Cn i put butter n put baking paper n mke on it
On low flame rght but preheat on low

Unknown said...

no need to put butter. just baking paper is enough

Unknown said...

that was a second batch which i made. i cut it like this so i can frame it easily

Anonymous said...

8-10hours we hv to leave in the oven whch is on 100degree freak
so mch electricity has to be wasted 8-10 hours r u sure
Do u knw hw to make baby boards

Unknown said...

yes it has to dry out will take that long.

Unknown said...

thanks a lot for sharing it aarthi ....i tried it and it came out beautifully ...i dried d prints in sun ....
thank u thank u so much

Unknown said...

Hi Aarthi,

Am really a very big fan of you and Maha. Woow....what a beautiful idea u gave us.

Thanks a lot for keeping such a post like this. Am going to do this immediately.

Saranya NarendraKumar

Unknown said...

Did u bake it or airdry it?

Anonymous said...

I dont have a Owen...can we use a pressure cooker for drying it up

Unknown said...

I baked it, you can air dry it. Cooking it in pressure cooker is not an good idea

Unknown said...

I want to do it. How do I do with microwave. I don't have an oven

Unknown said...

I don't have a oven. Can I microwave it or is there any other means to dry it up.

Selvi Prakash said... can use oven 350 degree fahrenheit..cook it for 20 - 30 mins.. it came just perfect..if it puff it up little bit just pinch it with pin or knife.. actually it wont take 8 to 10 hours..tat too long process n power.

Unknown said...

i think u can air dry this, just place it under fan for several days..It would work i hope.

Unknown said...

Selvi Prakash..Did it became rock solid at that time or does it bend. Because it should be like rock solid, hence it will stay for life time.

Anonymous said...

Hi aarthi.. You have got a nice blog here..need some help... I tried this few times, but every time the dough sticks to the baking parchment.. Do we need to coat the baking paper with butter or anything else..?Planning to try with foil next... Also after two to three hours of baking at 100 Celsius itself.. the dough turns it ok... But it's rock solid... Just that backside where the paper got stuck seems not all that dry..

Unknown said...

The dough should never get dark, it should be white only. I think u are cooking it in hot temp. Reduce it even more and you dont need to spread it with anything, you can dust it with some flour.

Nandhini Balasubramanian said...

Hi aarthi,
I have a conventional oven in US,can ibuse that..but its starting temperature itself is 300

Nandhini Balasubramanian said...

Pls help

Unknown said...

@Nandhini Yes u can use that.

DIVI... said...

Hai I am not hvg oven or microwave..... Pls tel me alternative to this...I am very much eager to do this....

Unknown said...

If you dont have oven, you can dry it under sun and dry it under fan for few days

ilakya_arun said...

Aarthi..... I was much impressed about these.. I will definitely do this for my baby.... Expecting to become mom..

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