Monday, 10 August 2015

Learning Books for Babies - Baby Learning Books - Books for Babies

Learning books are a must buy things when you have a smart and fast growing baby...It just amazing to see how much babies learn from these books rather than you teaching. These fun books will be your babies favourite and they will keep on looking them..This makes it easy for them to learn..

I can never stop buying these books. But in my place there is not much options available. And the shops dont stock much collections of them...So i try to pick few when we go on a vacations..Mostly i search online for these books.These are few books which i got for maha..

1)Peekaboo Books:
This is a peekaboo collection and she just loves it..She keeps on looking them, it is such a fun one..And she names all the animals in these books now..I got it from my shop(luckily)..They were around 80rs or so per book..You can look online in amazon or firstcry..

2)Jumbo Books:
This is a big jumbo book for baby..It has huge animal pictures and she loves this too..These books have a short description about the animals so it is best for little older toddler..

3)Turn and Learn Books:
This is a turn or learn book..It helps babies learn numbers and animals as well..Again it is great for babies older than 2 years..But you can get for babies above 1.5 year as well..

4)Touch and Feel Books:
This is maha's latest favourite..It is a touch and feel book. Great for babies under 1 year too..These books were pretty costly..I got them for around 250 rs. But it is so worth it and maha enjoy looking at it..

5)Pictured Story Books / Habit Teaching Books:
These books are like short story book with pictures for babies. I got all the series in this books and maha loves it..She take this book and give it to me and ask me "amma pep-peh"

6)Basic Learning Books:
These are normal pictures books, nothing fancy...I got this for her, for few days she kept on seeing it..Then she got bored..

7)Know About Books:
This is a basic collection. But the images in this book are little realistic and it is great for little bigger babies because it has some short description about the animals as well..

8)Babies First Books:
These are the first book collections..I got her most of the collections like birds, wild animals, domestic animals and many more..These are great for small babies too..Hard cover animal or bird pictures is printed which is quite attractive..

I would love to hear from you guys..what is your babies favourite books?

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Unknown said...

hi Aarthi.... thank you for sharing this. I wanna buy peekaboo books but couldn't find like yours in Amazon or firstcry. can you please share the link. Thank you again

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