Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to Organize Babies, Toddlers & Kids Clothes - Cheap Clothes Organization Ideas

Yesterday i was organizing my little ones clothings. Suddenly i got an idea to share this easy trick which i follow to fold my daughters clothing. I usually wear maha pants and tshirts daily. It is comfortable and not too fussy on your toddlers body.

At first i used to stack it up in wardrobe and i found it getting collapsed during the rush hours and i kept on wearing her the same dress again again since i used to pick the one from the top. 

So i found this cool way of arranging her pants and leggings. I took the box which you get when you buy any clothes. I roll the pants and stack them up like the one shown in the picture. This way i can see the clothes properly and it is kind of ease.

Now for shirts and tops. I arrange them in this baskets. I found these cute containers in my supermarket. They were 100 for a piece. They fits my wardrobe perfectly. 

I fold then and stack them upright, this way, again i can pick the tops which i need easily. 

I keep her underwear and hats in another basket like this.

This is how i keep them in the wardrobe. It is clean and mess free. I found this trick working for me perfectly.

For skirts, bigger tshirts, frocks, sweaters and salwars. i like to hang them up in hangers. This way you can choose the dress pretty easily and dont have to worry about folding them..

Let me know what trick you follow to organize your kids wardrobe and i send me a picture if you can, i would sharing them in my blog....Send to this email id aarthi198689@gmail.com

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