Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Complete Guide to Home Pregnancy Test - All About Pregnancy

What an invention is home pregnancy test. Now you don't have to visit your gynecologist each time, you think you might be pregnant. Just test it easily at home and then visit your doc!

How Do Home Pregnancy test work?

The human chorionic gonadotrpphins (hCG) hormone found in a pregnant woman’s urine helps in detection of pregnancy. hCG can be found in pregnant woman urine from approximately 6 to 14 days post fertilization. And it doubles as the days pass.

How to Do Home Pregnancy Test?

Each HPT has its own instructions. You have to follow it carefully. Most of the test has 1 test device and 1 disposable dropper. The urine sample is to be collected in a clean, dry container and dropped with the dropper on the test device. The first urine sample of the day should be used (early morning urine) as it is undiluted with much water. Then wait for 5 mins and check the readings.

How soon you can take a Home Pregnancy test?

You can take a test as soon as you miss your first period date. For some people it may give negative reading because of low hCG level, then wait for few more days and check again. 


Are Home Pregnancy Kit Accurate?

Yes it is 99% accurate. But please make sure that your pregnancy test is not expired.

Points to Follow before Test?

You have to test using the early morning first urine. 
Dont drink water before taking test. 
Always use clean and dry container to collect urine. 
Dont add too many drops of urine, use as mentioned in packet. Patiently wait for the mentioned time to see accurate readings.

How to read it?


If you see one dark line and one faint line, then you are pregnant but you are so early. So you can visit your doctor to confirm your pregnancy.


If you see two dark line then you are pregnant for sure. You can visit your doctor to confirm your pregnancy.



If you see one line. Sorry you are not pregnant. Cheer up!



If you see no line at all, or one line which is mentioned in the wrong area as mentioned in packet. The the test is false or it must be expired. Test with a new kit or use different brand.

I hope i have covered most of the important points and cleared your doubts regarding home pregnancy test. 



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