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How to Make Bindi for Babies - How to Make Indian Pottu for Babies

Whenever we have a baby in our family, granny used to make this bindi and give them. It is our tradition. On 41 days after the baby is born, we have the baby namind ceremony, after that we used to apply bindi and namma katti, just like in the picture of maha below.

It is such a lovely tradition. Each day i used to wait for the morning. Each day we bathe the baby and dress her and do this. The baby will look so cute and lovely. I can never forget the face of maha when this bindi and namma katti is used.

You can find this in shops which sells medicinal items. But it is so easy to make at home and very hygienic as well. So why do you need to buy it. I used raw rice to make it, you can use sago as well in this.

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you.


Raw Rice (Pacharisi) or Sago (Sabudana) - 1/2 cup
Water - 2.5 cups
Kum Kum - a pinch (optional)
Aroma Essential oils few drops (optional)


In a heavy bottom pan, add rice and roast on a medium heat till it blackens.

Now add water to it and cook, keep mashing this. It will get into a paste.

Now add kum kum and oil if using and mix well. 

Spoon this in a container and let it dry under sun for few hours till it gets completely hard. It may take a day too.

Now Cover with a lid and store.

This can be stored for years. When it get dries, add few drops of water over it and rub so the black melts away. Use your index finger to take it and put it on baby forehead.

for making this, you can use raw rice(pacharisi) or sago (sabudana)

add 1/2 cup of it in a heavy bottom pan, i used my earthernware pot

start roasting on medium heat

it will darken

keep roasting..

you have to roast till it turns black

it is nearly there

now it is blackened

see that

add water see it is completely black

now cook on low heat

keep mashing the rice

the rice will get into a paste

see that

now it has thickened

add a pinch of kum kum forcolour

just a pinch. you can any essential oil for aroma
mix well

Store it in a container..Open it and let it dry under sun for few days till it gets rock hard

if it gets too dry, pour few drops of water and rub well, so u can take it in your fingers


Anonymous said...

Aarthi; Is this the one we call as Vaenkai pottu and buy in store in a coconut shell?

Unknown said...

Aarthi what can be used as kanmai for babies

Unknown said...

yes this is that

Unknown said...

That one is diff, will try to share it.

Unknown said...

Hi Aarti.. Should we do it in a use and throw vessel?

Unknown said...

no use a normal vessel.

Anonymous said...

Can we get this in other states too..I am from Hyd.. What should I ask it for

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Sorry... This is not vengai pottu as you call.. Vengai pottu sold in coconut shell is the milk or resin of vengai tree..
Pls find this link for more details

saranya said...

Aarthi mam, this one will not get spolied right?? Also for my baby from native we bought vengai pottu. I came to know from my granny that vengai pottu is made from the milk which we get it from venggai tree.

Unknown said...

Sorry for that comment. Vaenkai pottu is diff.

Unknown said...

Aarthi, I made this Bindhi and stored in an air tight container. But after two days i found fungus growth in it. What is wrong in ht preparation?

Unknown said...

Dry it under sun for few days till it gets hard.

Unknown said...

Hi, does this mai smudge? should we apply powder to avoid smudging or is it not necessary??

Tharani Rajagopal said...

Hi arthi, I tried this but the bindi is sticking around in baby's head and hard to remove. Is there any solution for this ? What would be wrong with my procedure ?please let me know

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