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Swelling During Pregnancy - Causes & Treatment

Most of the pregnant women must have come across this problem. It usually occurs during the second and third trimester of pregnacy. 

When i was pregnant with maha, i didn't experiece any swelling, but i am experiencing it on this pregnancy. It can be quite frightening at the first time. But it is normal and there is nothing to worry.

Since i have been standing and running behind maha most of my time and also taking rest is really hard for me with a active toddler around me. Also i have been working really hard for my food blog. I think this must been the cause of the swelling. But i didn't experience any huge ones, just a little swelling on the foot. So i thought of sharing my experience and what i do to reduce the swelling.


During pregnancy our body produces extra blood and body fluids for the baby. Swelling happens by this additional fluid and blood. Normal swelling is called as "Edema" which is nothing to worry is often seen on face, hands, legs and feet.

Swelling normally starts during the second trimester and last till delivery. For some people it may not happen or even reduce as days pass by.

It may happen because of,

1)Heat in body
2)During summer time
3)Standing for a long time
4)Long day of working
5)Low potassium intake 
6)More caffeine consumption
7)High sodium (salt) intake


1)Avoid standing for a long period of time
2)Eat lots of bananas 
3)Reduce drinking coffee and consuming caffeine
4)Reduce salt intake in foods

5)Drink lots of water
6)Rest your feet elevated as long as possible
7)Swim if you can
8)Avoid wearing tight clothes
9)Wear comfortable shoes

Foods which helps reduce swelling are vitamin E, C rich foods. LIKE..

Citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers, cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, melons, sunflower seeds, sweetcorn, cashews, almonds.


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