Friday, 11 November 2016

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

Source: Baby center

It is recommended to pack your hospital before a month or atleast 2 weeks before your due date just to avoid last minute rush.

First create a checklist of what all things you need, it may vary upon your needs.

Here i am just giving a basic checklist which you can upgrade as per your need.


1)All your scan reports, files, notes

2) Maxy or any old dress to wear on labour

3)Comfortable dress to wear after delivery


5)Snacks, Drinks & Chocolates when in labour



8)Ipod, Head phones if you are into music

9)Books & Magazines

10)Lotions, Oils & Lipbalm

11)Mobile Phone & Charger 

12)Energy Drink like glucose, you need this when you are in labour

13)Camera for taking shots of baby

14) Nursing Bras & Nursing Dress

15) Soap, Body Wash, Shampoos, Hand wash


1)New Born Diapers

2)Baby Wipes


4)Socks & Mittens

5)New Born Clothes

6)Baby Blankets


8)Baby Feeding Bottle if needed

9)Small towels for baby

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