Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Annaprasana Function of Maha - First Rice Feeding Ceremony

I must have shared this post years back. Sorry for too much delay, i wanted to post this function of maha in this blog..

Once the baby starts 6 month we have this function of feeding rice along with the arusuvai (six taste) which includes jaggery, neem flower, chilli, tamarind, mango, salt in any temple as we wish. This function can be had before 6 months too but not early than 4 months. It must be had before first birthday of baby.

We took this function in our near by temple " Nagaraja Temple". 

How to make the spread:

A banana leaf is spread infront of god, we place tamarind, chilli, salt, payasam(for sweet), rice & a banana. The temple pujari feeds the baby first then daddy feeds the baby all these, just a wee little pinch in each. After that the relatives and friends just place these on babies tongue. Sometimes the chilli taste will overpower and make the baby cry. This happened with maha too..

After the function is over, we had a complete vegetarian meal either in a restaurant or in home. We had it in out favourite veg restaurant gowri shankar.

How to make sure that baby has as much fun as we do:

1)Dont wear heavy clothes on baby like heavy work clothes. Just a simple and light weight clothes is good enough.

2)Since this is performed inside the temple, it will be hot. So carry a portable fan or a hand fan for baby. You can have baby wipes or handkerchief handy too.

3)Make sure you wash your hands and ask your relatives who all feeding to wash their hands before feeding baby.

4)Dont over feed your baby. Just a little pinch is enough.

5)Keep your babies favourite toy on hand to keep her entertained.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony:


Unknown said...

Cute maha.

Anonymous said...

the reaction of her in the last photo is priceless

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