Friday, 31 March 2017

Best Foods to Increase Breast Milk


As a nursing mother, the one thing which comes to your mind is "Am I having enough milk to keep my little one full". I have breastfed maha for almost 2.5 years and now i am feeding my second daughter. 

From experience i am taking certain foods which increases breast milk supply and also helps to maintain a healthy weight. I thought of sharing it with you all.

The first thing you have to remember is, breastmilk is the only food which you have to give to babies untill 6 months. You will never have enough milk during the first 2 days after your little one is born. But as your baby sucks and latch your supply will increase gradually. So feed as often as possible.


Below are certain foods which increase breast milk supply.

1)Oatmeal - This is a super food, it increases breast milk supply and helps you to maintain healthy weight. I take oatmeal porridge in the morning or night daily.

2)Tapioca - Boiled tapioca helps in increasing milk production.

3)Sabudana / Sago - Since it is made using tapioca, it helps in increasing milk supply. You can make upma or boil it till soft, add milk and sugar and consume.

4)Fish - certain fish like salmon, paal sura increases breast milk supply to the maximum.

5)Carrot and spinach - Make curries using this and have it with rice or roti. It is a miracle veggie for vegetarians.

6)Bottle gourd - Make curries using this and have it with rice or roti. It is a miracle veggie for vegetarians.

7)Garlic - This is a super food, you can boil 10 cloves of garlic in a cup of milk and drink that milk along with the garlic in night. This helps in increasing breast milk supply largely.

8)Cumin Seeds - Adding cumin to curries and consuming jeera water daily helps in milk production and also increases digestion.

9)Sesame Seeds - Grind sesame seeds with milk and sugar and almonds and having it as milkshake increases milk supply.

10)Cows Milk - Having 1/2 liter to 1 liter of milk daily increase milk supply largely.

11)Water - Everytime after breast feeding drink a tall glass of water to stay hydrated. Plain simple water helps increasing breast milk largely.

12)Raw Papaya - Making curries using this and consuming helps in breast milk supply.


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