Wednesday, 29 March 2017

What is in My Hospital Bag

We are blessed with another baby girl on March 18th, 12.32 PM. She is such a sweetheart and maha is so excited to see her. At the same time she is so naughty and keep on kissing and touching her. I am spending most of my time in tackling her. I almost forgot about this blog. so here i am sharing the things which i packed in my hospital bag.

Baby diapers and baby wipes

some maxy and undergarment for mom

these are dress which i packed for maha, since she will be staying with us in hospital

new born clothes

baby sweaters
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caps and socks

dettol, paste, dishsoap, bath soap, handwash

towels and god idol


towels for us


gayathri said...

Congratulations☺.. take care

maha said...

Congrats aarthi...Happy for the arrival of the new princess...

suhasini reddy said...

congarts sis...I am also blessed wit a baby girl.can you plz give me some tips to increase my breast milk...

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