Saturday, 1 April 2017

Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding


The foods which you actually eat is the main source in the production of milk for your baby. MY grandma usually says that if we eat some food which may create gas for us means it will surely affect the baby too. So she usually take some ginger and squeeze the juice from it and as me to drink it. 

There are certain foods which you should avoid when breastfeeding. Those food will create gas, tummy problem, rashes & colic in babies.

1)Potatoes - Create gas and tunny ache
2)Sweet Potatoes- Create gas and tunny ache
3)Jackfruits- Create gas and tunny ache
4)Citrus Fruits like oranges and lemons - affect the quality of milk
5)Cabbage - Create gas
6)Fried Foods 
7)Fast Foods - hard to digest
8)Spicy Foods 
9)Coffee & Tea - Contains caffeine and affect the milk directly.
10)Peppermint - reduces milk supply
11)Raw Banana & Brinjal - creates gas in mommy


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