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How to Bath a Baby - How to Bath a Newborn - Bathing a Baby

Bathing a baby can be a stressful task for many of us specially new moms. Unlike toddlers bathing a baby is little difficult and we have to be very careful. There are certain things which we have to keep in mind. I will try to cover most of the things which i do when i bathe my little one.

1)First lets start with oil massage for baby. Spread a baby mat. I use olive oil for babies skin and normal coconut oil for her hair. The products which i use is given below. I take some coconut oil and apply it all over her hair and give a gentle massage. Then i take a good amount of olive oil and apply it all over her body. I give gentle massage. Check this video for massaging baby. After massaging leave the baby in the mat for 10 mins while to get ready with the other things.

2)Prepare the changing station. The changing station can be your bed or wherever you are comfortable. 

a)Spread a clean dry towel in the bed. You need another towel which you carry on your shoulder when you are bathing your baby. You need that to wrap her up.
b)Take all your baby lotion or whatever cream you use for your baby. I prefer either himalaya baby lotion or baby dove lotion. If you use powder then go for that. Personally i dont use powder for both my kids. 
c)Take your babies cloth and diaper.
d)If you are going to give any vitamin drops, place it as well.

3)Now prepare the water for bathing your baby. Normally babies body is warm, so cold water may shock them. So use warm water to bathe your baby. Use luke warm water. In summer times the water itself will be warm, so you can use normal cold water for bathing babies above 5 to 6 months.

4)You can take your bath tub or whatever you prefer ready. My mom puts mahi in her legs and bathe her, this is how it is done old times. But i prefer this sling to bath baby, i found this to be very helpful.

5)Now bring the baby and place her in the sling. Take a wash cloth, i use gerber brand (link given below). Apply some baby bath over it and gently massage it over your baby and pour water gently and bathe her. First i completely bath her body. The i take some baby shampoo on my hands and apply it on her gently and take some water on my hands and wipe the shampoo first. Then i use a small cup to pour the water over her head, make sure the water doesn't fall on her face. Once the shampoo is removed from her hair, i wash her face with little baby wash and use my hands to wipe it off. 

6)Now i wrap her up in towel and i dry her hair very lightly with a towel. I dont dry her hair so much, because leaving some wetness in your babies hair will build their immune. When they grow up they won't catch fever easily when they go in rain. 

7)Now bring her to bed, remove the wet towel and place her in fresh towel and apply lotion or powder as you wish. Give vitamin drops and change her to new clothes.


Hope you found this post to be useful. Will see you soon with another post, till then I will leave you with a picture of maha & mahi

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