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Love at First Sight - My Second Delivery Story

March 18, 2017. I delivered a beautiful girl baby. One more precious addition to our family. My second labour is a planned one, since i had a c - section for maha, doctors told that i have only 10% chance for normal delivery. So i told them to do a c - section for this baby too.

Check whats in my hospital bag

I was asked to admit in the hospital on march 17th evening around 6.00 PM.So we packed everything up and was admitted in the hospital. They told me that the delivery will be next day around 12.00 PM. Nextday morning i went into the labour ward around 10.00 PM. I was given few bottles of glucose and few random injection. I found this labour a little hard, since my tummy was really huge because of the second baby and i have lots of water content settled on my tummy through out this pregnancy. I had lots of itching on the tummy area and it was all swollen and red. So doctors were pretty concerned regarding that and told me that the after delivery pain will be more. That made me more scared. But i kept on praying to make this delivery less painful.

On my first delivery i felt no pain when they gave me a injection on the back bone. So i was pretty cool when they asked me to lie down to put injection. But i am telling you it was pretty hard, the pain was so horrible. I almost shouted. Since i gained lots of weight on my tummy area they found it hard to find the back bone. So they made me bent down to put the injection. OMG it was so painful. But after that they made me lie down and started the delivery.

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Around 12.21 PM - March 18, 2017 my little one entered into this world. 

I wanted to have a girl baby this time too, everyone wanted me to have a boy but i wanted to have a girl baby so badly, I wanted maha to have the same company as me, since i have 2 sisters and it is such a blessing. 

Doctors took few minutes to show the little one to me and i was so impatient. When they showed me my precious child, IT WAS A GIRL, i gave her my first kiss and was literally in tears. She looked exactly like maha. I was so happy. The nurse asked me "is your first child a boy" I said " No, its a girl". They were pretty amused seeing my expression. I was waiting to meet hubby since i know that he would be excited as me. 

This we had the stem cells collected. We did it through Life cell. Even though some people don't believe in that. We thought prevention is better than cure. So we collected the stem cells for this baby, since we can use it for her sibling as well.

I was given all the medicine and was sent to the room. I was eagerly waiting to see my hubby and my little maha's reaction. After few minutes he came will full smile. He was like so excited, and told me "She looks exactly like Maha and I am so happy, can wait to bring you and her home." I asked him how was maha's reaction, he told that she is keeping on asking "where is mama". And i felt so sad for her.

That night was horrible to me, i was in so much pain. Somehow i managed to get a good night sleep and when i woke up it was morning 7.00 AM (March 19th). The pain was horrible and i couldn't even get up. After so much struggle i got up, They gave my whole body a quick wipe and i changed my clothes. But i was so eager to go to the room to meet everyone specially maha. They finally took me to the room at 10.00 AM(March 19th)

Maha was jumping in joy seeing me. I cried so much and gave a good tight hug and kiss.She told me " mama, look! look! look at the little baby, she is so soft, her hands and legs are so little mama, i want to kiss her, hug her, i will take care of her mama. You don't worry mama" and she went and went on. Immediately she went and gave a tight hug, and there she starts crying..



maha said...

Wow...I too have 2 daughters and I feel exactly the same when my second princess born ...god bless your princesses...๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Unknown said...


kalpana said...

Hi Arthi congrats ��. Now I'm also same boat like you. I delivered second baby girl just look like first one. What all Your Maha said just like my first daughter said her name Venbha. They same way I said oh god how im going to save this little one from naughty sister. After reading your I start laugh feel so happy some one is there just like me. Thank Arthi shared a lovely experience

TestingSalesforce said...

Thats a nice story. I was also blessed with baby girl 2 nd time. And beleive me , my 9 yr old takes care of her so much like a mother.

life_is_beautiful said...

God bless your sweet babies!

Unknown said...

congratulations...I am also expecting my second child...very excited to read your story.
Good bless you and your family.

Unknown said...


neha said...

Congrats Aarti, God bless your two adorable daughters.

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