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How to Relieve Colic Pain in Babies - Bloating in Babies

Gas is a very common problem in babies. Babies can pass gas 10 to 20 times a day. Because babies swallow a lot more air while feeding and crying.


1)If your baby is not latching on your breast or bottle properly which result in much air swallowed when feeding.
3)Constipation may be a cause for gas.
4)Mommy's food. The food which a mom eats is formed into breast milk. So if a mom eats something gassy which may cause colic in babies.

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5)Over feeding can cause gas. If your baby drinks her food so fast then it may cause.
6)If your baby is over 6 months and you have started introducing new foods, it may cause colic,


1)Constant crying
2)Burping often
3)Looking Bloated
5)Getting Fussy
6)Tummy looks hard
7)Stops crying when put over your shoulder, so his tummy is pressed. 

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How to Prevent:

1)Keep your babies head higher than your babies stomach when feeding
2)Always burp your babies after every feed by putting her over your shoulder and patting her back
3)If you are bottle feeding, use slower flow nipple.
4)Give her some tummy time, put her on her stomach for few minutes each days.
5)Gently massage her tummy for few minutes.
6)Pump her legs back and forth, like riding a cycle for few minutes.
7)Giving your baby a warm bath may relieve her from colic pain.
8)For some babies giving gripe water may relieve colic.
9)You can consult with your doctor and give colid drops.

This video may help relieve gas in babies

Infant Gas & Colic:

During the first few months, babies can get colic often. When she cries for 3 hours or more, more than 3 days a week for more than 3 weeks, this means she has colic problem. So do the prevention method regularly.

When should you worry?

1)Doesn't poop, when she poops she cries.
2)Bloody poop or vomiting.
3)If you cannot calm her at all.
4)Gets a fever.

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