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6 Month Baby Food Scedule & Baby Food Recipes - What food can be Given to 4 - 6 months baby

6 Month Food Recipes:

1)Papaya Puree
2)Dal Soup
3)Dal Clear Soup
4)Cream of Veg Soup
5)Green Gram Puree
7)Muskmelon Puree
8)Banana Puree
9)Carrot Puree
10)Apple Puree
11)Ragi porridge with Fresh Ragi
12)Sprouted Ragi powder
13)Ragi Porridge
14)Oats Porridge
15)Apple Pear Puree
16)Barley Apple Porridge
17)Pear Puree
18)Wheat Moong Dal Almond Porridge
19)Pear Oats Puree

I am getting lots and lots of mails from my viewers asking me to post feeding schedule for babies. So decided to start this series. Many of us have doubts about how many times to feed baby, what foods to feed baby and stuffs like that..I am sharing the schedule which i followed for Maha. This is her 6th month schedule. I didn't start on rice during this stage, most of her foods where fruits, veggies and grains.

8.30 to 9.00 AM    - Maha usually wakes up during this time. We just play together for few minutes, kissing hugging, snuggling goes on..Then i take her out from bedroom and feed her some Formula milk. I start her day with formula milk. She plays for sometime and i pat her put her back to nap.

10.30 to 11.00 AM - She wakes up and i make her next food all ready. I make sure to include fruits and vegetables in her daily diet. So i feed her fruits in the morning. I feed her either apple pureepear puree or apple pear cinnamon pureebanana puree. I feed her lots of drinking water along with her food. After getting fed she plays a lot and gets tired. So i pat her and put her to a quick nap.

12.00 to 12.30 PM  - Her lunch will be usually be Porridges. This is her quite filling and weight gaining meal. So i make a little more of the porridges and keep on feeding her. It will be either RagiRaw BananaWheatOats or  Barley. I feed her lots of drinking water along with her food. She plays and gets into a deep nap during this time. Since it is afternoon, and she is fed stomach full , she sleeps peacefully for a good 2 to 3 hours.

3.00 to 3.30 PM    - In the evening it is going to be Vegetables. I feed either PotatoCarrotsBeets puree or a combination of these veggies, check this and this..I feed her lots of drinking water along with her food.

5.00 to 6.00 PM    - This is her evening snacks. I make a Biscuits cereal or Ceralac Cereal. I take some marie biscuits and add some hot water and make it into a paste. I feed that with spoon. Don't forget to feed water to you baby.

7.00 to 8.00 PM    - This is going to be a simple dinner for her. I make Formula Milk and feed her.

Inbetween these schedule in keep on feeding her mother feeding. And after 8.00 PM i dont feed any solid foods, i feed her mother feeding only. I feed her lots of water and fruit juices inbetween these timings. I usually feed her pomegranate juices and orange juice mixed with some water.

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