Friday, 22 September 2017

Lose Weight with Me - A New Section

My biggest concern about being a food blogger is, it is really hard to maintain your weight when you keep on cooking delicious dishes. As the years passed by the weight took over me. It is very recently i realized that i am obese. So i thought, this is the time and i should start exercising and be on a healthy diet. 

I can never go into crash diet. I somehow cannot continue that. So i created a set of rules for me of what to eat and what not to eat. I thought of documenting the process and let me see how it all goes. 

What to eat:

Fiber rich foods (oats, wheat etc)
Juices with no sugar
Lemon Juice with salt
Green Tea
Roti & Curries
Egg whites
Whole wheat bread or Healthy bread

What not to eat:

Food that uses refined flour (maida)
Deep fried foods

This is the schedule which i created for me. I also workout 1 hour in the evening. 20 - 30 mins walking in treadmill, some skipping, and few ab exercise.

Here are some meals which i created. Thought of sharing the meal pictures with you for inspiration. I will share pictures of my breakfast and lunch. Usually dinner is simple 
for me, i eitther have banana and milk or some sundal.

Here is day 1 pictures.


1 Big Bowl Mixed Fruit Salad with Green Tea : Pineapples, Apple, Guava, Banana, Papaya, Fig



Shilpa Sumit said...

Nice blog you initiated, keep looking forward.

Shilpa Sumit said...

Nice blog you initiated, keep looking forward.

Unknown said...

Hi arti...i m also obese..wanna lose weight very badly..but i cudnt control eating foods as my hungerbincreases if i eat less...wat to do?? I also follow ur herbal tea...can u keo posting things relating weight loss..

Unknown said...


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