Saturday, 23 September 2017

Lose Weight with Me - Post 2

I was overwhelmed with your response on the lose weight with me section. I thought you wont be interested in these type of post. But i am glad that my posts help you to get motivated. I am happy that now i have company on this.

I will continue to post these pictures along with my regular baby posts and baby articles.  And i will try to link the recipe for the meals i created (most of the time, if i have the link)

Here is another meal inspiration for you.

BREAKFAST:  Avocado Toast with Egg

1 Wheat Bread Slice, Half a mashed avocado, 1 Fried Egg

LUNCH: Phulka, Black Eyed Peas Curry & Brinjal Poriyal

I drank lots of water, worked out for 30 mins, 20 mins walking and running and 10 mins of abs exercise.

When you are in diet, it is best to avoid eating night or just have it light.

DINNER WAS LIGHT. Had 1 banana & 1 glass of soy milk.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, some suggestions that I found useful- portion control is key. Try including foods of different colours, to get all your nutrients. Must haves in meal plates- curds (probiotics), greens, some sprouts. Hard boiled eggs keep me fuller for longer, and carry less calories than phulkas. Millets can be a good replacement for rice and wheat.

Good luck on your health journey, Aarthi. :)

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