Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Maha's Onam 2017 Pictures - Onam Wishes

Belated Onam Wishes Everyone.I know this has to shared on onam but i got a little busy. So didn't update this blog for quite sometime.

We had no plans of dressing maha like this on onam. But satheesh was scrolling his facebook feed and saw a picture of a little girl dressed like this. Immediately he asked me to dress maha like that. So we got into actions.

Luckily when we asked maha about this, she happily accepted it. Thank god.

She cooperated well. 

This is how we did it.

1)We used her pattu pavadai blouse which is a hot pink colour as a blouse. 

2)Over that blouse we put maha's skirt which was a little tight so it fit perfectly over her chest.

3)We took satheesh's pattu dhoti and folded it in half and wore it over her and secured it with a safety pin.

4)I put a side pony tail on her hair and inserted a thick bangle. Then i brought her hair little section  inside the bangle and twisted it over the bangle. I did this with all the hair so it covered the entire bangle. Secured the hair with lots of bobby pin.

5)I had a fake jasmine flower. So put that around her hair.

6)A hot red lipstick on her lips.

7)A round bhindi. Used sandal wood powder and mixed with water and applied it on her forehead.

8)Then all the ornaments goes. I used a kasu necklace which i got for me in amazon. Little white stone jimiki and her matching bangles. And ofcourse her belly chain.

Here are few pictures.

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