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Vomiting in Kids & Babies - How to Stop Vomiting - Home Remedies for Vomiting

Vomiting helps your kids to clean out his gastrointestinal system. It is not a serious issue to worry about if your kids has vomit occasionally. But if she or he is vomiting more often then you have to consult with your doctor immediately. Because there may be some issue with his body.

Vomiting in Babies:

1)Some babies vomit immediately after consuming milk. It is because the baby has consumed excess milk more than need. So they may spit small amount of milk often. It is not a issue.

2) Sometimes when a baby hiccups, cries out loud the top valve of your baby may open up and they may vomit.

3)Sometimes when the food is indigested properly, they may vomit forcefully. This might cause in babies under 4 to 5 months, 
How to take care:

1)To prevent vomiting in babies, always burp your baby after feeding before putting them in bed.

2)If you are breast feeding and consuming heavier meals then drink a glass of ginger juice.

3)If your baby is vomiting often, keep them hydrated. Feed them often. Breast feed them every 30 mins. 

4)If you are bottle feeding, feed them often as recommended by your doctor.


How to find if your baby or kid is dehydrated:

1)No tears
2)Dry lips
3)Dry tongue
4)Less saliva in tongue
5)Dry skin
6)Dry nose and nostrils
7)Tiredness & Sunken Eyes
8)Excess Sleepiness
9)No urine
10)No Wet Diapers for more than 4 to 6 hours
11)Weekened pulse
Vomiting in Kids:

1)Food Allergies
2)Food Poisoning
3)Digestion problem
4)Flu and other illness

How to take care:


The main thing to keep in mind when your kid or baby is vomiting is to keep them hydrated. When they vomit constantly. Their body loses all the water content.

So feed them water or liquid foods often. 

Soups, fresh fruit juices, plain water is best option.

ORS packets may be given by doctor to prevent them from dehydration.

Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Grape juice can be given

When to contact doctor:

1)If your baby is under 2 months and vomiting.
2)Vomiting after taking medication.
3)Vomiting starts after regular diet is started
4)Vomiting with fever
5)Vomiting with green or yellow fluid.
6)Vomiting with blood.
7)When baby belly feels hard
8)Excess stomach pain
Home Remedies for Kids (older than 4 years)

1)Ginger Juice or Ginger Tea
2)Rice Kanji or Rice Porridge with Salt added
3)Lemon Juice
4)Mint Tea
5)Fennel Seed Water
6)Cumin Water
7)Marie Biscuits
8)Drink clear liquid
9)Gelatin foods, jellies
10)Plenty of rest and sleep
11)Wash hands often

What to Avoid:

1)Avoid room freshners, perfumes.
2)Dont give fried foods, processed foods.

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