Thursday, 26 October 2017

Tackling a Messy Wardrobe


I have been tackling with this wardrobe for the past month. Each day when i open up wardrobe to pick my dress(which is a absolute struggle guys) my total mind gets collapsed and the whole day will be a chaos.

If your wardrobe is clean you can choose your dress pretty quick and you will be feeling motivated when you look into a organized wardrobe. But i have been tackling with this MESS for the past month.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Little Tutu Trying to Stand Up!

Sorry guys for not active for the past few weeks. I was very less inspired to post here, and literally ran out of ideas. Also i was very hectic with all those diwali posts on yumm tummy. So i forgot to share posts here.

I wanted to share something on my baby blog to keep it alive, so thought of doing this picture posts.

Yesterday i thought of taking few shots from her 6th month. I put maha's dress and hair clip which i saved. Dressed up mahi and took the 6 month pictures. When i collaged mahis picture with maha, i was surprised they looked exactly like twins.

Here is the picture for you, incase you missed it.

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