Monday, 6 November 2017

What to Pack on your Suitcase & Handbag When Travelling with a 4 Year Old & 8 Month Old

We went on a one week trip to andaman last week. When i mentioned that on my social media, i got so many mails and messages to share how i managed to take a 4 year old and a 8 month old on this trip and what all i packed. So thought of doing this post and few other post in which i will share what all food i packed and my experience.


1)I packed all of the kids swim suit and accessories in a plastic bag so it will be handy when needed.

2) Then i packed all the kids dresses in ziploc covers. Since their dresses are small it will surely mess up. So packing like this will keep them separated and it will be easy to grab when in a hurry. Also i put the dirty clothes back in the same cover. This way it doesn't get mixed with other clothes.

3)All the dresses are packed like this

4)Make sure you carry rain coats for kids

5)Diapers are take from their packet and placed on the side of the suitcase, this way it doesn't take much space in the bag.

6)I packed his handy multi cooker from prestige for making porridges for mahima. It was so helpful. You can even make rice or anything in this. Such a useful product to have on hand when travelling with kids.

7) Pack up some snacks and porridge mixes for mahima.


I always carry a notebook and pen.

 a hair brush

Wet wipes

To keep maha busy, i took few of these wipe clean books which i got from amazon. Maha loves it so much. She is using it for more than 6 months now. Here are the links to buy them.



I bought a small pack of colour pencils and crayons.

Colouring book

My wallet

Toys for mahi, teethers to keep her busy in air plane and travel.

Play doh for maha to keep her busy in air plane and travel.


Ear phone



towels and hand kerchief

A set of dress for mahima.

Hand sanitizer. Always carry this on your bag

Money purse, to keep changes


A plastic bag. Look how both of my little ones are cuddling. Love them.

Water bottles for both the girls.


Anonymous said...

Hi arthi where can v get tat cooker

Unknown said...

Very cute to see both cuddling

Unknown said...

Hi arthi.I am traveling abroad can you please let know where did u buy that prestige cooker.

Emon said...

I liked the idea of packing clothes in ziplock bag..such a great idea..

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