Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Washed Ghee - Best Moisturizer & Fab 100 x Washed Ghee Review

It is very recently i came across washed ghee from one of my friend. Washed ghee is nothing but pure ghee which is washed in purified water to get rid of all the greasy texture from it. The washing process happens from 25 to 100 times. The more you wash the ghee the more creamy and more pure it gets.

This washed ghee is said to be the worlds best ever moisturizer ever. You can use this even for babies. 

Few weeks back i have been contacted by the The Fab Ayurvedic Team for reviewing their product washed ghee on this blog. I happily accepted. I am using this product on myself, maha & 1 year baby mahi for a couple of weeks now. And i am loving it.

The cream looks fluffy, it has some water content in them which is normal. The cream when applied on skin is not greasy and is completely absorbed into the skin and the skin feels so soft. 

Here are few of your questions answered.

100x washed ghee is said to be the World's Best Moisturizer! It is prepared by washing pure ghee for 100 times and we prepare it under the most hygienic conditions following the texts of Ayurveda. 

1)What are the ingredients of Fab-100x washed ghee?
The only ingredient of Fab - 100x Washed Ghee is Pure Homemade Desi Grass-Fed Cow Ghee. 

2)Does it clog pores?
No, it doesn't. Washing Ghee for 100 times makes the final output a non-comedogenic formula. 

3)How does Fab - 100x Washed Ghee works?
It is said to be the only moisturizer that penetrates through the seven layers of your skin and heal or repair it. 

4)Can this product work for your skin? 
It is #1 anti wrinkle and anti aging cream. It works for pigmentation, fine lines, acne, spots, inflammations, stretch marks, tan, burns etc. It can be used as a natural makeup remover as well. 

5)Can 100x washed ghee be used to treat your hair? 
Yes, it can also be used for treating your hair as a pre-shampoo mask. 

6)What's the price of it and what's the quantity? 
The price of this 100x washed ghee is 250 (including shipping charges) for 50 grams. 

7)How can I place my order?
For orders, simply text us on WhatsApp at +91 8129121936 or DM us on Instagram @thefab.ayurvedics. 

8)How can I make the payment? 
You can either paytm us on +91 8156982103, do bank transfer, or can pay via your debit card/credit card or internet banking.

Here is a picture of my hand before and after. No filters has been applied. The skin looks more hydrated.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Maha's Favorite Sandwich Recipe

This is my daughter's favorite sandwich.

Recipe ---->
🌺Just mix 1 grated carrots with 1/2 cup finely chopped cabbage and 1/2 cup lettuce.
🌺Season with salt and little sugar.
🌺 Add some 1/4 cup mayo and mix.
🌺Stuff this inside bread and remove the crust.
🌺Cut in an angle and serve.

#kidsrecipes #yummytummyaarthi #mayosandwich

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