Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How to Remove Lice & Nits from Kids Hair - Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb Review

DISCLAIMER: This is not at all a paid review, All my opinions are my own. I have been using this for over a year now. So wanted to share it with you all.

Girl child is a blessing to us. The happy part in that is getting them dolled up. Most important the one thing you can never stop buying is hair accessories. If you have a daughter or a girl child you know this right.

I have two daughters. My first one is going to be 5 this year and second one is 1 year old. Maha has long thick hair. I always want her to have long hair so i dont cut her hair very short, i just give it a trim every now and then. 

Growing long hair in kids may sound easy, but the hard part is getting it maintained. Specially since she started going to school, she got a ever ending problem with lice. I have tried so many home remedies but it went on nonstop. 

There are comb available for lice in the market which can easily remove lice but the nits is really hard. Removing it from kids hair can be very challenging and extremely painful for them.

It is just few years back i came across this comb in amazon which is specially designed for nits. I am telling you it is like a gift for us moms.


This comb removes nits like a magic. The comb is made with metal which has bristle so close which removes nits easily and effectively. 

Even though the comb is on a little expensive side but it is so worth it. I have been using it over a year now and it works like a charm each time.

1)Just remove all tangles from your kids hair.
2)Wet her hair gently.
3)Apply conditioner all over the hair.
4)Choose a place which has plenty of sunlight.
5)Comb the hair in small portions and rinse it in running water often and wipe with a towel before combing each time.
6)Once everything is clear, shampoo kids hair and wash it well.

Use a tooth brush and soap to remove all the stuck nits and rinse it well in running tab water. Dry under sun light.


It is as easy as that. I strongly recommend you to buy this if you have girl child with long hair. It is a must to have on hand.

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